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Law of attraction & Happiness coach

Raina was born in India. She started her own business of event management & wedding planning when she was 19 and running it successfully till now. She has worked with dozens of Bollywood film stars and lived a glamourous lifestyle.  She has won accolades from clients worldwide, well-traveled, having worked in over 26 countries by far, she got well versed with the culture & lifestyle of people globally and realized we all are similar in many aspects

 In Aug 2016, while sitting in a tech training, she heard about manifestation, which she was practicing unknowingly, but this time she consciously manifested a gigantic business project, that successfully completed in July 2017.  Her belief in this became more strong when she miraculously treated her pet out of serious illness using energies, started practicing for everyone who needed it, and took a big leap of faith to start her journey inwards. She also started helping people around her with their marriage goals, legal cases, financial crisis, and whatnot. And their success encouraged her to bring this knowledge to everyone for changing their lives.

To go further deep into the subject, for attaining balance and for higher spiritual development, she went to a world-famous yoga school and got certified under the Ministry of Ayush (India) as a yoga & meditation trainer (200 HRS TTC) in 2019, which also qualifies her to teach meditation process, manifestation, and other workshops. She is also certified RYS 200 hrs trainer with International Yoga Alliance.

Living a happy, peaceful, healhty & balanced life is an art. Being a spiritual guide, she has developed herself as an expert at mindfulness, meditation, and manifestation. Through her teaching, she helps people to fulfill their dreams while also assisting clients from around the world to achieve their goals, balance in life using meditation, unleash their potential, and fulfill their purpose using manifestation and the law of attraction. She is trying to bring the self-empowering and spiritual development knowledge to all that are in search of a higher understanding of our reality.

She is on a mission now to promote happiness and believes that the purpose of life is joy and life is supposed to feel good. Raina is passionate about empowering others so they can stop living a stressful life, full of anxiety, and start creating a life with more prosperity, loving relationships, vital health, blissful joy, and success. She can guide you on in all spheres like ✔️relationships, ✔️love, ✔️marriage, ✔️money, ✔️business, ✔️career, and more.

Not surprisingly, she is using the quote below in her emails since 2007 and she truly believes in this 

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"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, Live the life you've imagined."

 This Cosmic Diva is known to have a midas touch.

✅ Founder of Cosmic Lights Entertainment🧿

She is the founder of an event management company which  have been helping clients with bespoke planning and management of the events & weddings for over 18 years now, anywhere across the globe. Add a Midas touch to any event, may it be

*️⃣ Corporate events

*️⃣ Bespoke & signature weddings

*️⃣ Artist management                               

*️⃣ Spiritual events

*️⃣International or Destination Events

*️⃣ Cruise events           

*️⃣ Fashion shows

*️⃣ Media, PR for events

*️⃣ Theme parties               

*️⃣ Online events

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✅ Philanthropist 🧿

 Being a renowned visionary, coach & catalyst, leading people into a new global paradigm. Her message andd work have impaccted over 120,000 people from 4 different continents.   She uses all the mediums to promote a happy & healthy lifestyle for welfare of society.

Love for life, nature and all living beings around is so literal for her that she has turned into vegan couple of years back.She along with her family support animals around her.  Also to support social & animal welfare, she completed her law in animal welfare by NALSAR university in 2020.

All the funds raised by using her skills are used in welfare of society, supporting animals and life around her, including being

*️⃣ a Host or Speaker,                    *️⃣ a Coach,

 *️⃣  or an Influencer

 She just combined skills, passion to share the best experiences and emerged as a vivid blogger & vivacious influencer. Hope you enjoy her honest reviews about

➡️ Lifestyle                                      ➡️ Travel     

➡️ Fashion & Beauty                     ➡️ Luxury

➡️ Being Vegan                             ➡️ Social & Animal welfare                  

➡️ Spiritual wellness ~ Meditation & Manifestation I Health

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